Onyx Academic Engineering Institute

We work with the world's most innovative technologies to research and produce a learning environment, training program, and coaching community like no other.

Onyx Salon

The Academic Engineering Institute is our location to research, collaborate, and innovate as a community in a fun digital space. We are a networked learning organization, and provide a working environment, training experience, and digital suites to comfortably navigate the waters of 21st Century working and living.



The first degree denotes the pursuit of fundamental capability and skills necessary for success in the chosen knowledge domain.

Onyx Apprentices are working to develop their professional capabilities for personal purposes. The Onyx Platinum denotes mastery of the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for coaching excellence.



The second degree denotes the pursuit of learning the foundational models, approaches, methods, and techniques of academic coaching in the domain.

Onyx Specialists work for Onyx Corps as tutors and coaches for Onyx Members and the general public. Specialist training is project and service-based and leads to curating a personal coaching opportunity.



The third degree denotes having successfully progressed through our O.A.S.I.S. learning pathway for that knowledge domain.

Onyx Stewards advocate for and work with Onyx Corps and make use of our full capabilities for their professional use while serving as A.E.I. Certified Coaches and prepare for Nuobility certification.

The Onyx Cornerstone.

If Merriam-Webster defines the Ivory Tower as "a secluded place that affords the means of treating practical issues with an impractical often escapist attitude," then the Onyx Tower is a globally relevant and universally accessible place that facilitates progression toward excellence through self-determined interest in practical issues and actionable problems.

Elevate Your Coaching Presence with The Platinum Standard

Onyx Corps provides an apprenticeship program through Onyx Black that leads to Onyx Corps employment.
Our Apprentices, Specialists, and Stewards are individually facilitated through the Academic Engineering Institute's digital coaching certification, and receive complimentary full access to all AEI Belts.



  • How can I join Onyx Corps?

    You can join Onyx Corps by contacting us via e-mail below, at the Onyx University campus, or through the Onyx Global mobile app.

  • What qualifications do I need?

    Onyx Apprenticeship requires a desire to learn & serve with Onyx.
    Onyx Stewardship requires the AEI Platinum Belt as a prerequisite.
    Onyx Stewardship carries the AEI Amber Belt as a prerequisite.

  • How expensive are Onyx Corps Dues?

    Onyx Corps Dues are $300 and 20 service hours per month. 

  • What do Onyx Corps service hours entail?

    Service hours are work from home hours that each Onyx Corps member provides to the Onyx by utilizing our Coaching Mastery System to provide learning services within their community.

  • How are Onyx Corps Members paid?

    Onyx Corps Onyx Apprentices, Specialists, and Stewards are paid a 30, 50, and 80% commission for Onyx endeavors, respectively.

Join The Movement

We welcome and encourage partnership and collaboration with you and your organization in the pursuit of establishing a Platinum Standard for building a globally accessible lifelong learning Education 3.0 landscape.

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  • Professionals

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  • Coaches

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