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Why work with Onyx?

The problems of today require new approaches on an almost constant basis. The shelf-life of solutions shrinks year by year.
It's time to stop "becoming" a learning organization and embed learning & innovation into the fabric of your business.
Connect with the Onyx Education 3.0 Network and maximize your development & innovation potential with strategic mastery of the Art of Learning.

About Onyx for Business

Modern approaches and technology provide us with a world of opportunity, are you ready to thrive?

From businesses to schools, trainers to teachers, apprentices to students, and enterprises to home offices, the need for learning has never been stronger. We meet this challenge with a unique network of purpose-built experiences, along with a pioneering community platform.

It's time to break through learning's information silos with 21st Century accessibility & support.


The Platinum Standard of Education 3.0

Education 3.0 Training

Every learning stakeholder from the classroom to the boardroom deserves access to modern, evidence-based experiences.

Concierge-Level Support

Onyx for Business is our network devoted to professional and organizational success, personalized for every purpose.

Unique Technology Network

21st Century development requires novel approaches to utilizing the digital tools around us from mobile to XR and everything in between.

Onyx Academic Engineering

Thrive with Strategic Personal Development according to Onyx O.A.S.I.S. Methodology


The knowledge-based global economy of today means that digital learning is critical for every level of society, and we have developed the timely & timeless approach that equips you to thrive. No matter your industry or focus, it's vital for you and your people to be ready for ever-changing problems.

  • Collaborative expert-guided learning experiences and academic opportunities.

  • Personalized learning journeys that lead to industry-recognized qualifications.

  • Technology & Insights curated for your purposes and available resources.

Onyx Corps Services for Teams

Do you want to know more about our activities? Follow the updates and never miss the workshops and seminars from our professionals.

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    Apex Academics Learning Experience Design

    Innovative digital learning experiences designed & deployed to address your unique training & community collaboration needs. We bring our full capabilities to bear on every project, and provide both foundational and pioneering growth opportunities according to your requirements.

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    Education 3.0 Technology Use Case Analysis

    It can seem like an almost insurmountable uphill battle to stand out among the crowded technology provider landscape. Elevate your offering's voice with a unique perspective through an Education 3.0 use case analysis of your technology offering's position in 21st Century learning.

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    21st Century Learning Organization Overhaul

    Identify innovation bottlenecks and calcified systems within your organizational structure in order to facilitate growth & development from top to bottom. Equip your people with access to the tools and knowledge they need to succeed and solve problems before they even arise.

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    O.A.S.I.S. Methodology Training for Teams & Organizations

    Learn the pioneering processes and academically aligned approach we bring to our training and development strategy here at Onyx. We provide individual, team, and small group training programs through our Academic Engineering Institute and the Onyx University networked learning community.

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    Onyx First Mile Project Strategic Partnership

    Connect with us to increase your organization's positive impact on the communities and customers you serve. Provide directly relevant experiences and access to resources by partnering with our global Education 3.0 network of innovators & changemakers striving to thrive every day.

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